c’est la vie

I am a hard-working person. I was not born in a very wealthy family but I have always been ambitious, wanting all that life could offer and become extremely wealthy. this holiday I decided to do something about it. I got a job working for airtel by selling the unliminet promotion. it ain’t easy. sales jobs are difficult. and I also sell dresses to campus students. it’s all not easy. a typical day for me is working at airtel till 5 then going to sell dresses. I do both jobs in hostels door to door. being a sales person you are assured of knowing each and every character of people. there are people who will easily buy. some will give you a hard time before they buy your service. some will tell you off immediately. some Will play with you, waste your time by trying on your clad and taking selfies and end up not buying. some will turn up their radio volume and sing along to the music. some will ignore you as you pitch your sale and even high five each other while telling stories..
assume you are not there. some will look at you with disdain even if they buy. most will tell you siku ingine or kesho or sio Leo. some will want to buy at their own prices. some will steal your clothes. others will buy and help you fold the clothes back to your bag. others will bring other customers to you. some will not buy but take your number. some will ask about your business. sometimes you will go through all the doors of a hostel without making a single sale. you get discouraged. sometimes you feel like you are a child of a lesser God. sometimes you cry. sometimes the last door is the one in which you make the most sales so don’t give up. sometimes the last door ain’t the one. life ain’t a sure thing. sometimes I don’t feel like I got the strength to push on. sometimes I feel like I was born to the wrong side of life. i still want my business to be something big. in 10 years I want something like jade collections. sometimes am positive I will make it sometimes am skeptical.

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