by wambui ochieng’

  1.  slow internet



Here you are, trying to Google something and the net won’t allow you to even get the simplest of answers. Or maybe you are trying to download episode 4 of something really nice that you watched yesterday and the best the speed is at, is 10kb/s. dear lord… you just have to hold on to your last bit of strength not to flip.

Morning alarms


They catch you when you are having the best of dreams and bam! That’s the end of your fantasy. You put it on snooze mode and sleep, then just after 10 seconds, again! The worst one is when the alarm isn’t meant for you and the person, for whom it was meant, assumes it.

 People who walk slow in front of you


And it’s as if they know you are behind them, because once you try to walk past them, they block your way

Crying babies



You just got to hate this! You got invited to a pal’s house and the baby won’t shut up! It just goes on and on and on… and especially if they are at the crawling stage or just started walking. They are just headaches that you just can’t kick out of your way

           Long queues


And it seems that when you move to the one that looked short, somehow the one who moved from gets shorter and the one you ran to just becomes longer

  1. Sneeze hang


And they come at the worst of times. You are asking a question in class and suddenly a sneeze comes, so you shut up and get ready for it, but it doesn’t happen, you continue with your questions and just like the devil, it happens!

  1. Screechy voices

BABY DADDY - "The Mother of all Dates" - Ben and Danny gamble on their mom’s love life on an all-new episode of “Baby Daddy,” airing February 11th, 2015 at 8:30PM ET/PT on ABC Family. (ABC Family/Bruce Birmelin) RACHNA KHATAU, CHELSEA KANE, TAHJ MOWRY

If you have watched Baby daddy, I am sure you know what I am talking about. If you haven’t, then perhaps you have that neighbor, that workmate or teacher who you keep on dreaming off mummified

  1. Hospital smells

That’s why many of us prefer over-the-counter drugs than going to hospitals. The thing about these smells is that they make you sicker the moment you step into that hospital. Exactly what do they put in there?


  1. People who sing loudly while wearing their earphones



Got to admit this; it happens even to the best of us but when some innocent form four leaver is in the car next to you and she starts singing Rihanna’s ‘kwa, kwa, kwa’ you just have to throw those killer glances hoping she will stop. Funny thing is, when you look at her, she removes the earphones smilingly saying ‘’was I loud?’’

  1. Car farters

Speaking of cars. You are in the car reminiscing on your day then some idiot decides to unleash one for the road. Of course, everyone looks behind and the culprit is never found, but dear Lord, how you just do that? And of all times the window could get stuck!



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