booze, blunts and pills

when pain is all you feel and oblivion is the only way out


this ain’t the first blunt am about to put away.

it’s not going to be the last anyway.

a year ago I wouldn’t have done this.  I remember killing my ex for smoking Dunhills near me.  oh, how lucky he was!  I wish I would  have known earlier then this ashtray would not be the eighth I have put away.

wow!  and they say that this shit is bad!  Kevin who?  yea I know he hurt me,  so what anyway! am going to find somebody better to flag our ship with.

Kate told me to let the hurt in but that was just bull…  why hurt when he is already spanking another.  feel good moments!  he updates his status.  feel good!  well, am wasting away watching all these boring romance movies and listening to love songs wishing he would understand my pain.  the pain he left and that void he…

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